My sweet, sweet great nan is so unwell, and is getting worse every day. Seeing someone who was once so full of life and feisty become fragile and feeble in front of my eyes is hard to take. It’s times like these that remind me how fleeting life actually is — and how growing up can so often feel like one heartbreak after another. 

It’s just a reminder to live in the ‘now’, be grateful for everything, tell people you love them, forgive, laugh as hard and as often as possible, get up early to watch the sunrise and stay up late to watch it set, cherish your family and friends, and stop worrying about silly things. 


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Just want to take a break from the usual stuff to talk about how amazing stars are. When we look at stars we get to look into the past. Due to the way and speed light travels(186,282 mps) in, we see stars as they once were. It takes light, from the closest star to us, to travel to Earth in about eight minutes. When Earth based telescopes look at the sun, they are seeing it as it was eight minutes ago. Using Earth based telescopes and advancing technology we can see stars that no longer exist.

There are stars out there that are more than thousands, millions or billions of of light years away. So, if a star is a million light years away and died a million years ago, we will see it die now.  If another star died four million years ago, but is a hundred million light years away, we’ll still be able to see it for another 96 million years.

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Steampunk Jack O’Lanterns

We do not really do the whole Halloween thing here in Australia but I still think these are worth sharing with you… And there is a few more over at the source.

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I aim to look like this at ALL times

I aim to look like this at ALL times

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Jenny Holzer

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The Dreamers

The Dreamers

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A 100 year old lady told me I was ‘badass’ today. I’ve achieved everything I set out to achieve. Nothing else matters

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When I was a kid, like thirteen, I thought by the time I was in my twenties I would have all my shit together and be super in control of everything. But I’m still skint even though I work two jobs plus overtime, still not really sure what I’m doing with my life, still not capable of holding down a stable relationship, and still spend my days off eating pickles straight from the jar and watching re runs of Malcolm in the Middle. 


Saturday Sep 9 @ 10:15pm
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